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Access expert-created and curated resources – research findings, design strategies, planning and operational tools, and more – to help improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


For over 20 years The Center for Health Design has been creating, collecting, organizing and sharing the largest compendium of industry-changing healthcare design research, best practices, resources and tools.

Today thousands of healthcare providers, architects, designers and product manufacturers reference our work, use our tools, employ our strategies and tap our experts as they endeavor to improve healthcare through the design of the built environment.

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Our goal: Provide easy access to the most valuable information, tools and resources to help solve today’s most pressing healthcare design issues.

Our approach: Identify the topics – noise, infection control, healthcare reform, impact of aging, and many more. Secure expert interviews and case studies; create issue briefs and design strategies; produce blogs, webinars and infographics. Carefully curate these and other resources into comprehensive, topic-focused, solution-driven toolboxes.

The result: A new way to explore, learn, and solve your healthcare design challenges — Affiliate+.

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  • Access to in-depth, high value, leading edge facility design research, expert insights, strategies and tools
  • Exclusive, newly-created, Center staff curated content
  • Organized in topic-focused, solution-driven toolboxes
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Be the Difference. See the Difference.

With the insights, research, strategies and tools your organization receives as an Affiliate+ member, you’ll be better equipped to make a measurable difference in the safety, health and satisfaction of the staff, patients and families that inhabit the environments you help create.

But the impact you make doesn't stop at the doors of your facility or project.

Your support of The Center and its work makes, quite literally, a world of difference. More research. More tools and resources. More training. More advocacy for change. All making the healthcare experience better for millions around the world.

See the Difference.

Take a look at some examples of the measurable improvements achieved through evidence-based design and the role that The Center – made possible only with support from organizations like yours – has played in this life-changing work.

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Corporate Affiliate+ Benefits

You and your organization will have access to in-depth, high-value, leading-edge content, organized by topic to address the most pressing facility design issues impacting health outcomes and healthcare costs.

Delivered throughout the year via our member website, each topical Toolbox contains a library of expert insights, case studies, research data, strategies and tools – actionable resources, available exclusively to The Center’s Affiliate+ members, which can be shared and used by your entire organization.

Toolbox Topics

  • Noise
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Communication
  • Infection Control
  • Perception of Cleanliness
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Population Health
  • Emergency Department Throughput
  • Impact of Aging
  • Behavioral Health

Toolbox Resources (15-30+ resources in every toolbox)

  • Issue Brief
  • Executive Summary
  • Expert Interviews
  • Blog
  • Case Studies
  • Design Strategies
  • Lessons Learned
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Tools
  • Related Resources

In addition, Affiliate+ members receive the full complement of our standard Affiliate benefits – electronic and print publications, networking event invitations, assessment and evaluation tools, and industry recognition on our website and at our events – plus larger discounts on EDAC certification, learning and networking events, books and multimedia, and more.

It’s Not Just a Membership, It’s a Revolution.

When you join The Center as an Affiliate+ member, you join an impressive collective of healthcare industry trailblazers – healthcare providers, designers, architects, product manufacturers, educators and professional organizations – who have supported and partnered with The Center during our 22-year history.

Together we’ve taken an idea once called “crazy” – that you could measure the impact of the physical environment on healthcare outcomes – and made it the rule more often than the exception in healthcare facility projects.

Together we’ve established a proven track record of creating, launching and delivering programs that provide true value to the healthcare design industry – The Pebble Project, EDAC certification, the Affiliate Program, the HERD Journal, the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, and much more.

Together we’ve achieved some pretty revolutionary change. We’re looking forward to continuing the same with you.

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